Children love to collect treasures! Sometimes they may bring back classroom materials in their pockets. If you find these items (e.g. a tiny pink tower piece, a knob from a puzzle, or a golden unit bead), please return them to the teacher the next day.

Your child will bring many art projects home. Children often use art to express their inner emotional world. Ask your child to share it with you by explaining or describing it. You can always appreciate the creative decisions they made. Our goal is to encourage confidence by teaching children how to appreciate art and explore their creativity.

Every week, your child will also bring home some evidence of their Montessori work. You can ask what the activity involves, and consider the skills your child may need in order to complete the work: concentration, independence, patience, and fine-motor control. If you collect these over time, you will be able to observe your child’s improvement.

We encourage parents to have meaningful conversations with children about their school lives. We aim to create a partnership with parents because so much of a child’s education happens at home and outside of the classroom. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about the Montessori activities or lesson plans. If your child has favourite activities, we can show you how to replicate them at home, or we may direct you to resources that can supplement your child’s learning in the classroom.