Related: When will my child be ready to begin toilet training?

Your child does not need to be toilet trained to register with our school. We have professionally trained teachers that will help your family walk through this exciting stage in your child’s growth.

At Agape, we choose a child-centered approach to toilet training. This means that rather than looking at your child’s age as the sole indicator, we create an environment where your child can show signs that they are ready to begin the process. We can also give you tips for how to create this environment at home. Toilet training involves physical, developmental, and behavioural components, so it is important to watch for these signals in your child.

Although every child is unique, here are some common indicators that your child may be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to begin the process:

At Agape, we value clear and regular communication with our parents. When your child begins to show these signs, we will work with you to create a toilet training plan for your child so that they can be successful.