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CASA Montessori Program (2.5 to 5 years)

The Casa Montessori method provides your child with the freedom to choose his/her work. Fundamental to the Montessori education philosophy is the multi-age classroom that includes children from 2 ½ to 5 years in one classroom setting. Our Montessori teachers appropriately follow each child and present carefully designed lessons and materials. They are free to engage in individual and group activities.

  1. Practical Life Activities: These activities develop personal and social skills used in daily living. The children will learn to take care of themselves by developing skills such as getting themselves food, cleaning up after eating, putting on a coat and shoes, pouring water, wiping the table, etc. The child will develop concentration, focus, independence, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills which prepares them for greater challenges in life.
  2. Sensorial Activities: These activities enhance and enlarge the child’s perception of the world through the development of the five senses. The child will learn how to orient and adapt to his/her environment at large.
  3. Language: Language develops a child’s ability in communicating, reading and writing. The teachers present the phonetic sounds and demonstrate to the child how to blend the sounds together to make words. As the child is ready, he/she will sound the words out, and begin to read and write the letters for each word, later progressing to forming sentences and understanding grammar.
  4. Mathematics: Counting and arithmetic are introduced by using concrete materials. The child will progressively learn materials presented first on one to one correspondence, then the association of quantity and symbol, and finally hierarchical inclusion. The built-in control of error can help each child to learn through working with the materials.
  5. Culture: Materials expose the child to fields of inquiry such as physical science, history, geography, anthropology and biology. Children are welcome to share about their own cultures and learn from one another. These materials are presented as the extension of the sensorial and language activities.

Each activity is designed to isolate a specific set of skills so that children can exercise and perfect those skills. All these activities will bring holistic development of a child’s life.