Toddler Program
(1 ½ to 2 ½ years old)

The curriculum is designed to develop and reinforce each toddler’s individual needs. Children participate in sensory-based learning experiences, while receiving positive, nurturing guidance from our qualified ECE and certified Montessori teachers. Teachers assess each child’s developing skills, and then provide activities designed to increase those skills.

At ACMS, we strongly believe in the formation of trusting bonds between teachers and toddlers. Low teacher-student ratios allow teachers to develop a deeper relationship and understanding of your child’s unique personality, likes, dislikes, and developmental needs, creating a true community of loving care.

Areas of Development:

  1. Fine Motor Skills: Toddlers’ fine motor skills, which include finger and hand movements, need to be encouraged in many different ways in order for them to progress. ACMS has a wide variety of activities for your child to develop his/her fine motor skills.

  2. Gross Motor Skills: ACMS focuses on all gross motor skills, which include batting at objects, kicking, walking and running.

  3. Emotional Skills: ACMS assists toddlers with exploring all of their emotions. Children begin to gain the skills needed, such as patience, cooperation, and sharing, to deal with all of their burgeoning emotions in a calm, supportive manner.

  4. Social Skills: We start with the toddlers becoming aware of their classmates and move onto encouraging simple sharing activities. Your child will be encouraged to wave goodbye and take turns stacking blocks. These simple activities are the stepping stones for the later preschool years, when children are developmentally ready to share.

  5. Communication Skills: Our caring teachers have a deep understanding of how toddlers communicate. They teach toddlers to put their wants and needs into words. Toddlers are encouraged to sing simple songs, recite nursery rhymes and expand their vocabularies.

  6. Cognitive Skills: Cognitive skills include thinking, learning, and the accumulation of knowledge. ACMS focuses on toddlers’ investigation of their environment. Your toddler will begin to sort toys by shape and colour, and will be encouraged to develop their five senses.
Casa Montessori Program

The Casa Montessori method provides your child freedom to choose his/her work. Fundamental to the Montessori theory is the multi-age classroom that includes children from 2 ½ to 5 years in one classroom setting. Our Montessori teachers appropriately follow each child and present carefully designed lessons and materials. They are free to engage in individual and group activities.